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From: Jonathan Leger
Date: Monday, July 12, 2010
Fellow AdSense Publisher,
I am about to show you exactly what it takes to earn high paying clicks with AdSense. If you're like I used to be, you're frustrated with low click values despite your best efforts to focus on what you feel should be high paying markets. Read on to see why that doesn't always work, and exactly what you can do to send your earnings per click through the roof!
LESSON 1: The best paying AdSense keywords are not always obvious.
AdSense publishers often think that they should choose topics that directly correspond to high priced items if they want AdSense clicks that are going to pay well. The reasoning goes something like this: "Sports cars are very expensive, so if I put up content about sports cars, my earnings per click should be very high!" Sounds logical, right?
Why? Because there are many, many factors that determine how well a keyword will pay, and those factors are not always obvious. To continue with our sports car example, consider this: the phrase "sports car insurance" has an AdWords cost per click that is almost 7 TIMES AS MUCH as "sports car" alone! And it's the AdWords cost per click (CPC) that determines your potential for AdSense earnings.

"But wait," you say, "sports cars cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, whereas sports car insurance is much cheaper than that--so why is the phrase 'sports car insurance' so much more valuable?'"
The answer is simple: people searching for "sports car" could very well be looking for just pictures of sports cars. They could be teenagers who don't have a dime but are just looking around because they have an interest in sports cars. The term is too vague. On the other hand, people looking for "sports car insurance" are very likely ready to buy! I mean, who goes searching for "sports car insurance" just for fun?
So you see, what at first glance makes sense (that "sports car" should have a high value), when you really dig in and examine it, you find isn't true. So how does an AdSense publisher find out what keywords really are of high value?
LESSON 2: If you want to know what pays well, you MUST consult AdWords.
There are so many variables involved in what makes one set of keywords more valuable than another set of keywords. The only people who really understand why one is better than the other are the advertisers in those markets.

As an AdSense publisher, you don't need to understand why one set of keywords is more valuable to an advertiser than another. You just need to know which keywords are considered more valuable.
One way to find out which keywords are of high value is to get an AdWords account and login and use the Traffic Estimator Tool. Run all of the keywords you think will pay well through that tool and it will tell you the cost per click that the advertisers are paying for those keywords. It will also give you an idea of how many people a day are clicking on the AdWords ads targetting those keywords.
BUT I WARN YOU, dreaming up ideas of what you think should be valuable and testing those ideas against the Traffic Estimator Tool is like shooting in the dark. You have no real way of knowing what keywords to test ahead of time apart from hunches (which are often wrong, as illustrated in the sports car example).
Wouldn't it be better if someone took an enormous number of keywords that people were searching for and ran every single one of them through the AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool for you, then gave you a list of all of those keywords along with the CPC values and estimated daily clicks? Well that's exactly what I've done!

I took a database of millions and millions of real searches performed by real people and ran all of those keywords through the AdWords Traffic Estimator, logging all of the Cost Per Click and daily click count values into a huge database.
The result is a database of over 2.4 MILLION search terms, their CPC values and their daily click estimates.
My first inclination was not to share this database with anyone, but to build content on my own for the best paying keywords. But as the database grew larger and larger I realized that I would never be able to create content around this many subjects! Even if I had years and years and hundreds of writers working for me, I couldn't put up content on all of these great keywords.

So I've decided to make this database available to you in 5 fantastic lists. Each list contains the keywords, their cost per click (CPC) and the estimated number of times a day that ads for those keywords are clicked.
The keyword lists are all searchable through an online search form, and are also made available as downloadable files in Comma Seperated Value (CSV) format. These files can be read by almost any spreadsheet (including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Works). This makes it very easy for anyone to get the maximum benefit from these high paying keywords. A description of all five lists follows:

"Not Just 1 list, but 5 Different High Paying Keyword Lists!"
LIST 1: All 2,389,040 keywords in one huge spreadsheet.
I knew that you would want the motherload of keywords, even if you couldn't use all of them. So that's the first list I compiled.
LIST 2: The top 10,000 paying keywords.
After creating the first list, I realized that you might want a quick list of the top paying keywords that you could easily pull up into a spreadsheet. So I created a list of the top 10,000 paying keywords for quick reference.
LIST 3: A list of all 2 keyword phrases.
LIST 4: A list of all 3 keyword phrases.
I also knew that if you did any search engine optimization (SEO) and wanted to rank well for specific keywords that you would want lists with only the 2 and 3 keyword phrases. After all, studies show that the vast majority of people doing searches at search engines are typing in two and three keyword phrases. So focusing your content around phrases that you can optimize for is a great way to get a lot of traffic and high paying clicks.
LIST 5: A list of the 17,119 markets encompassed by the 2.4 million keywords.
This list requires a little bit of explaining.
Within the 2,389,040 keywords, I found that there were 10,665 single keywords that were repeated at least 50 times within other keywords. For example, "lawyer" is repeated in the keywords "insurance claim lawyer", "dallas injury lawyer", "mesothelioma lawyers", "criminal law lawyers", etc. Knowing the average CPC value of keywords containing the word "lawyer" gives you a really good idea of whether or not focusing on that general market will be profitable enough to be worth your time.
I also discovered that there were 6,454 double keywords that were repeated at least 25 times within other keywords. For example, "home equity" is repeated in "fixed home equity loan", "home equity lines of credit", "home equity loan rate", etc. Knowing the average CPC values of those highly targetted keywords is fantastically valuable when choosing which markets you are going to create content for.
So I compiled this list of 17,119 markets into the fifth list that I'm making available with this package.
You can best use this list to find the general market you want to create a content site around, and then research the full keyword list or the top paying keyword list to find all of the keywords in that market. By creating an article or content page around each one of those keywords, you will have an extremely valuable AdSense content site.
Search The Database Online All five keyword lists are available for extensive research in the Keyword Explosion online search form. Just select which list to search, enter in the keywords that you want to find related keywords or markets for, and choose whether you want to sort the results by Cost per Click or by Daily Clicks (in order of least to greatest or greatest to least). The results are viewed in an online report and the keywords by themselves can be copied from a textbox below the list of results, great for use in your SEO or content generation tools.

Just look at the break-down of the keyword cost per click values!
These lists contain some incredibly valuable keywords. Look at the breakdown of how many of the keywords fall into these high paying categories:

137 keywords with AdWords CPC values of at least $50.
(with the highest being $73.38).
4,204 keywords with AdWords CPC values of at least $25.
8,317 keywords with AdWords CPC values of at least $20.
17,505 keywords with AdWords CPC values of at least $15.
41,250 keywords with AdWords CPC values of at least $10.
131,555 keywords with AdWords CPC values of at least $5.
474,877 keywords with AdWords CPC values of at least $2.

It's important for me to state that the AdWords CPC value of a keyword alone does not determine how much you will earn per click. Google uses what it calls "Smart Pricing" to determine your page's value as it relates to the keywords. And naturally, since Google is the middle-man between you the publisher and the advertisers, they keep a percentage of the CPC value for themselves.
But doesn't it make sense that the higher the bid the higher your potential for earnings?

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Finding the best niche markets to focus that content on was a very time consuming, tedious process. Until now.
Figuring out what markets to target and what specific keywords to create content pages for has always been one of the most difficult chores for the AdSense publisher. Creating content is easy. Writing articles is easy (especially if you're just paying somebody else to write them). I've taken the hard part OUT of creating AdSense sites: keyword research.
My five profit-producing lists have taken all of that work away. Now it's just a matter of going through list #5 and finding a market you want to target. Then looking at list #1 or #2 and getting the most valuable keywords in that market. Create content pages around each of those valuable keywords, drive traffic to your pages, and in no time you'll be an AdSense KING!

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A POWERFUL Search Engine Optimization Analysis Tool.

Once you find the best paying keywords, you need to know how difficult it will be to rank for those keywords. Before this was a tedious manual process, but I've decided to include a built-in version of my new tool, SEO Explosion, into the Keyword Explosion package--free of charge! Here's a snapshot of the fantastic information it gives you, all from within the online search form (the SEO tool is not available in the online demo).
This tool will analyze the ranking difficulty of ANY keywords for Google, Yahoo and MSN. Even if the keywords are not in the Keyword Explosion 2.5 million keyword database, you can still analyze them.
Here's a snapshot of the kind of information you get with this new tool:

How much does it cost to get my own Keyword Explosion?
I could ask just about any price that I want to for this database. $500 would not be unreasonable. In fact, $1,000 would be CHUMP CHANGE for the incredible value you would be getting for your money.
But there are millions of keywords in this database, and so there's no need to limit its availability to only those with thousands of dollars to spend. I want it to be affordable by the AdSense community in general so that we can all profit more from the AdSense program.

As a July marketing trial I am making all five of these incredibly valuable lists PLUS the online search feature available for only $67. That means that you're paying less than one single penny for all the research data on every 100 high paying keywords!
I've seen other lists with only a tiny fraction of the number of keywords in this database selling for $247, and I have to admit I was inclined to ask a lot more for my database because of that. But, at least for now, $67 is all I ask.
ATTN: $67 is a July marketing test. Get it now while the price is still so low.
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